Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Mississippi, 1933

BRAVE SOULS; The Logan Kids

The young African American children of Mississippi, Cassie (9) "Little Man" Clayton Chester Logan (6), Christopher John (8), and Stacey Logan (13) have endured a long year during this Great Depression.

As these four young children's year progresses they take a wild adventure, from revenge to fights, to burnings , and even death.

The Logan kids have to endure the mistreat of the "whites", like Cassie, who had to apologize for something that she wasn't guilty for and then was pushed to the ground.

Christopher-John is seven years old. He wants to please other people. He's sensitive to other people's feelings, but is usually happy. He tags along with his brothers and sister.

Little Man is the youngest of the Logan family and could be one of the neatest, Little Man even though being just 6 years young is very neat and is always mindful of his appearance.

Stacey is Cassie's big brother. He's twelve years old and in the seventh grade. He's not very excited to go back to school because his mom is his teacher. And Stacey does a lot of growing up during this year.

And the last but certainly not least Cassie Logan,and even though she's only nine years old she has to endure hard times in the American South during the Depression.