Pregnancy & Birth

Jaquira Washington


-the health care you get while you are pregnant, otherwise known as "Prenatal Care"

-this includes your check-ups and prenatal testing.

-Prenatal Care can keep you and your baby healthy. It also lets your health care provider spot health problems early.

DO's & DON'Ts

Do: go to your check-ups frequently, take the medication that the doctor prescribes you, & tell your doctor any useful information they need to know

Don't: don't drink alcohol, don't do drugs, etc.

Nutrition: eat healthy (fruit, vegetables, protein) & drink plenty water

Exercise: during pregnancy be careful when you work out (do a minimum) & drink plenty water after working out

How do you know if your pregnant?

-you can buy home pregnancy test (make sure to buy more than one)

-go to the doctors

-missed period

-nausea or feeling in the stomach