the alabama legislative branch

by destiny patrick

  • The characteristic function of all legislative is the making of laws.
  • legislative then are not simply law making bodies.
  • the legislative is responsible for drafting the states budget and proposing new laws.
  • the united states government has three branches.

  • the legislative branch is the congress.
  • the word congress means ''to come together.''
  • elected officials representing their home states come together at the capitol in Washington ,D.C , the nation's capital city.
  • three are many committees.

  • The legislative branch of a government holds the power to make laws.
  • In the united states congress is the legislative branch.
  • Congress also has the power to declare war.
  • Alabama's legislative are elected to four-years terms from the states 35 senatorial districts and 105 representative districts.
  • a few legislative agencies like the libray of congress , help congress in its work.

  • A new law states out a document called a bill.