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A glimpse into your child's past week! February 11

What We're Up To:

...a whole lot! Students have gotten a lot of tests out of the way and we are in the midst of starting new units of study in Math, Social Studies and Science. We've also begun to learn about writing Informational Reports in Writing.

I am still spend a lot of time "babysitting". The tattling is at an all time high and we've had a lot of discussions regarding when it is necessary to come to me about what someone else is doing or saying and when it is best to ignore it. I think many of the kids in this class should consider law enforcement for careers... as long as they don't have to follow the rules! :)

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Valentine's Day - Pictures from our Day


In Science we have been learning and pushes and pulls. We are practicing being able to distinguish the difference between the two and identify them in the world around us.

We have also been learning that forces can be large or small (strong/weak). Next week students will learn about spring scales and will use them to measure force. We will measure using a unit called newtons. Newtons measure force.


We have been learning about what happened when the British began trying to take over the land and fur trade (from the French and Native Americans who were already here in present-day Michigan). The French and Indian war resulted in the British gaining control of the forts/trading posts. Next week we will learn about Pontiac's Rebellion, when Native Americans said "enough is enough"!


Students took their MId-Year District Math Assessment on Monday. Now that that's behind us, we have begun our study of Fractions. Thank you for reminding your child of the importance of completing their nightly (10-15 min) Math homework.

The February Reflex Challenge (a pink sheet located in your child's binder) should be returned on February 29, the last day of the month. A surprise treat is included with the return of this packet, ON TIME!!!

The Reflex math program is the $1600 program grant I received at the beginning of this school year. The focus is on math fact fluency. I can't wait to hear feedback from the 4th grade teachers on how much more fluent this group of kids will be with their facts!!!

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New reading groups are underway. I've incorporated some new teaching strategies and the kids are responding very well. I'm excited to have a full, uninterrupted week next week with your kiddos, promoting their reading growth!

Please make sure the new reading log is being submitted each Wednesday. The students that turned theirs in this week did a great job for their first time! It was great to read the connections they are making to the books they are reading. THIS is how we grow as readers.


Students selected an Animal to research for their Informational Reports and we are in the very early stages of jotting down our prior knowledge on our chosen animals. We are also in the process of generating a list of questions we'd like to research and find answers to. Next week we will learn about plagiarism as we begin to learn how to take honest notes.


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Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


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February 12 & 15: No School - President's Weekend

February 19th: Hat Day ($1 Donation - I cannot remember the cause at the moment!)

February 25" 3rd Grade Concert 7:00 PM

**Remember, every Monday is CLASS SHIRT day!**

Community Service Projects

Once your child shares their Community Service project (during their birthday month) their picture will be here! :)