Rachel's Update

Montezuma Elementary: March 9-13

Important Information



Math RTI

  • Groups should be set and teaching in progress for this month's standard! Please talk with Katie or me if you have any concerns or see a need for adjustments between now and our post-testing on April 9.

Rachel's Montezuma Schedule

Monday, March 9-Thursday, March 12

It's moving week for the Porters! I will check email as I am able but may be much slower to reply than usual.

Tuesday, March 17

  • Jill Moore - Building student-directed lessons

Celebrating Success!

  • EVERY class met both the 75% average score goal and the two articles per week goal in February! That is incredible fidelity! Great job!
  • Nearly every class had Lexile growth in February! Of special note are Ms. Woods' Class (27 points), Ms. Lorenze's Class (28 points), and Mrs. Vitaniemi's Class (28 points)

iReady Reading

  • All classes had at least 70% of their students passing 70% or more of their lessons! 100% of Miss Prindiville's class met this goal and 94% of Mrs. Sutton's class did!

iReady Math

  • Several classes had all students reach the goal of 30+ minutes of time on task per week: Mrs. Crowder, Mrs. Romanelly, Mrs. Vitaniemi, and Ms. Lorenze
  • Several classes had excellent rates of students passing 70% or more of their lessons:
    Mrs. Gilman: 100%
    Ms. Deplanty: 92%
    Mrs. Romanelly & Miss Prindiville: 88%


Don't forget to be working on collaboration skills with your students when opportunity arises! We'll be discussing these at some point before the end of the year!


  • The Swivl system is available! Use the link below to learn about how it can help you evaluate student collaboration and/or collaborate with your colleagues. Please reserve the system at least a week in advance.