SUNDAY 27th February 2022

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A very big thank-you and best wishes to all our families that are self-isolating and unwell and are taking caution as we move through this phase of Omicron.

We now have a significant amount of families having to self-isolate and we will be able to provide some online learning for them.

As we move through this wave we may need to double up classes or roster Yr groups at home if staffing becomes an issue, after school care may need to close.

There may come a critical point at which we need to move the whole school to online learning as the challenge to manage the numbers and loss of staff increases. These are some of the options we will be looking at, as we move forward. Once again thank you for your understanding.

I will keep you informed as to how this is tracking. I urge you to be understanding around this, as the decisions won't be made lightly but in the best interests of the safety of all concerned.

How we can help?

If there is anything the school can help with while you are self-isolating please do not hesitate to email: For example we can make sure you get your groceries or help out in any other way that is required.

What should I do if my child tests positive?

If a child tests positive for Covid they need to stay home for 10 days. No further tests are required. Day 0 is the day of the positive test result. They wait 10 days and return on the 11th day.

Positive household contacts

If you live with a person who tests positive, you are a household contact. You need to stay home for 10 days. Household contacts need to test on Day 3 and Day 10. Children who are household contacts can return on Day 11 if they test negative and have no symptoms.

The new Phase 3 Guidelines that have come into effect, state that only household members are considered close contacts. All others are casual contacts and therefore unless your child is unwell they can continue to come to school.

What you need to do

- You and your whānau should watch for symptoms

- If any symptoms develop, get tested immediately

- Then, stay at home until you receive the result

- If your child does test positive please contact the school office or James immediately. or

What we’re doing

- St Marys will stay open

- We have appropriate public health measures and cleaning procedures in place

Symptoms of COVID-19

- A new or worsening cough

- Sneezing and runny nose

- A fever

- Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste

- Sore throat

- Shortness of breath

Less common symptoms include diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, or confusion/irritability.

For more information, go to

Ngā mihi nui

James Murray


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