The Tape Worm Parasite

By Daniel Bellamy

Tape worms are parasitic worms that suck on your bloood like a vampire or tic. These parasites feed on the inside of your body so you dont even know that they are there. Tape worms are very dangorous, they couse deseases like elephantiasis. The tape worm itself can be killed with out any complications if you know its there in time. you can take antibiotics to get rid of them but the doctor has to suggest it. Dont take any on your own there are 6 types of tape worm and that one could be for the woung tape worm. If its in there long it can couse damage to the heart, liver, stomach, and lungs. If you even think you have a tape worm let your doctor know its the only way you can get free of that thing. people get killed every year by tape worms becouse the didnt call a doctor dont make that mistake ok. Well thats all i hope you take this into account see ya and good bye.