2014 - The Best Year Yet!

Dot Divas Stella & Dot Team

January and February 2014

Welcome to a fabulous new year!!! I wanted to take a second and thank you all for the inspiration you provide to me everyday. I feel like our team is growing closer each day…and I truly believe I have found so many wonderful friends in all of you. I KNOW this year is going to be one for the BOOKS!!! Dot Divas are coming so everyone else better move out of the way!!!

PLEASE KNOW… This year has been a slow start for MOST. If you are someone who really wants to make this work (full time, part time, or as a hobby) but didn't have luck over the last 2 months… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! Now is the time to kickstart your business back into gear!!! I am here to help. Please reach out to me or to your sponsor. ALL IT TAKES IS BOOKING 1 SHOW….who's with me?!!!

CORINNA LAHIFF #1 IN SALES AND SPONSORING (January) $1965.59 - Sponsored 1 Stylist

Top in Sales! (January)

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills MI $2,497.20

1. Corinna LaHiff Cheyenne WY $1,965.59

2 Hailey RileyGilbert AZ $1,898.20

3 Rachael Goldman Zionsville IN $1,545.65

4 Jennifer Kim Chicago IL $1,537.57

5 Brooklyn Brusse Eugene OR $1,290.95

6 Alison Britton Royal Oak MI $741.25

7 Robin Peruggia Marlton NJ $675.17

8 Danielle Currie Northville MI $670.31

9 Jennifer Corr Okemos MI $623.00

10 Aleksandra Palmer Northville MI $566.33

Top In Sponsoring (January)

Corinna LaHiff Cheyenne 1

FREE Business Supplies! Sold $500+ (January)

Corinna LaHiff Cheyenne WY $1,965.59

Hailey RileyGilbert AZ $1,898.20

Rachael Goldman Zionsville IN $1,545.65

Jennifer Kim Chicago IL $1,537.57

Brooklyn Brusse Eugene OR $1,290.95

Alison Britton Royal Oak MI $741.25

Robin Peruggia Marlton NJ $675.17

Danielle Currie Northville MI $670.31

Jennifer Corr Okemos MI $623.00

Aleksandra Palmer Northville MI $566.33

Alyssa Pinnock Fort Lauderdale FL $506.20

Danielle Currie #1 IN SALES (February) $4743.96

Top in Sales! (February)

1 Danielle Currie Northville MI $4,743.96

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills MI $3,013.45

2 Sheryl Hamzey Northville MI $2,465.60

3 Catherine Scott Northville MI $2,026.00

4 Brooklyn Brusse Eugene OR $1,855.00

5 Alyssa Pinnock Fort Lauderdale FL $1,731.45

6 Hailey Riley Gilbert AZ $1,469.72

7 Danika Prister Chicago IL $1,469.50

8 Jennifer Corr Okemos MI $1,421.41

9 Hope Stanley Chino Hills CA $1,320.50

10 Corinna LaHiff Cheyenne WY $1,116.05

Top In Sponsoring (February)

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills 3

Rolling in the Dough....Extra 5% Commission! (February)

Danielle Currie Northville MI $4,743.96

Kristen Makins Farmington Hills MI $3,013.45

Sheryl Hamzey Northville MI $2,465.60

FREE Business Supplies! Sold $500+ (February)

Robin Peruggia Marlton NJ $1,105.35

Rachael Goldman Zionsville IN $992.20

Jennifer Kim Chicago IL $800.00

Meganne Arens Northville MI $584.00

Audra Gilman Beaverton OR $558.20

The 3 S's: Summer Splash, rising Stars, and Spring motivation

So excited to start fresh this month and re-engage my business to what I want it to be. Level 5 HERE I COME.


1. Summer Splash: Set your goal, make a plan, and revisit it daily/weekly. Anyone is capable to achieve all of the levels. I earned an incentive trip on bed rest….. so NO EXCUSES. :) I am here if you want me to help make your plan with you.

2. rising Stars: Do you want special treatment at Hoopla….YES PLEASE. Promote to Star and you get a fabulous special lunch with Jessica Herrin! I did last year and it is AMAZING!!!

3.Spring motivation: NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR BUSINESS GOING!!! I know this winter has been rough for all!!! Don't ever think you are alone. Reach out to me or to your sponsor and we will help you book that 1 show!!!! :)