Top Ten Things About 7th Grade


1) Making new friends really impacted my year.

2) Going to Biloxi, MS helped me make new friends and get closer to others.

3) I went through really troubling times but I learned how to get through them.

4) I went on many field trips out of town and they were a lot of fun.

5) I had a lot of really cool teachers this year. Mr. Welch made things really fun in his class and so did Mrs. Pfingsten.

6) If your good at something and you like it don't let anybody hold you back."Just Do It."

7) Don't be afraid to stand up to people that mess with you. "Be Brave. Be Strong. Be Your Own Voice."

8) Don't be afraid to stand out. Be You.

9) Always try your best. Never Give Up.

10) Just a hint, even if you don't like some of your teachers always pay attention because if you don't it can really mess up your year.