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Groundbreaking Ceremony - video in its entirety

End Of School Challenge Recap

In just 11 days we received $204,690 toward our End of School Challenge! To raise that much in less than two weeks is both humbling and impressive! THANK YOU to all of you who contributed and helped us get here! We are grateful for your investment in what will be generations of Traders Point students' lives!

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Moving Ahead

These are exciting times! The National Bank of Indianapolis approved our construction loan and the Board authorized moving ahead with ordering our steel and walls for the new facility. We are officially on track to open our doors to students fall of 2017!

Pictured above: Ron Evans, head of school, authorizes the order for the steel and walls for the new building. These are scheduled for delivery and installation by the end of August 2016!

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What's Next

Over the summer we promise to keep you informed on what is happening with the construction and with the progress of the campaign. Watch for details for when our foundation will be going in (and plan to come see), as well as, for our Field Lighting Ceremony on August 12 (save the date!)

Even though the End of School Challenge is over, we continue to reach for our ultimate goal of fully funding our project and opening DEBT FREE. Today we stand at $4,243,345 toward our $7.45m goal. With $3,206,655 left to raise, we still need a lot of people willing to give to the campaign.

If you haven't had the opportunity to invest yet, we still have $72,790 remaining of the $500K TPCC matching gift!

Don't forget, with the TPCC match, your gift will grow by half. Whether it's a one time gift or multi-year pledge, this match allows you to make an even greater impact with your gift!

Click the GIVE NOW button to make your gift in only minutes. Or contact the Advancement Team at (317) 769-2450 for more information on giving a multi-year pledge.

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Click here to DONATE NOW to our Foundation for the Future campaign.

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Click here to DONATE NOW to our Foundation for the Future campaign.

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Our deepest thanks to the following Traders Point families and friends who have already given to help build the Foundation for the Future!

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Abbott

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Akard

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allen

Mr. Doug Allgood

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Andrews

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Bailey

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Baker

Mr. Robert E. Barkei

Mr. John Bartle & Mrs. Rebecca McCowan-Bartle

Mr. & Mrs. Don Becker

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Belser

Wendy Blair

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boler

Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

Mr. & Mrs.Todd Bracken

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Brammer

Mr. & Mrs. David Brattain

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Brockett

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Broderick

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Brownlee

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Broyles

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Bucher

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Burger

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bush

Dr. & Dr. Tony Buzzetti

Mr. & Mrs. Vadim Byely

Mr. & Mrs. James Calhoon

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Callahan

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Campbell

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Canfield

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Carpenter

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Carr

Dr. & Dr. Alexander Choi

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Steve Clark Realty

Mr. Vern Clayton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cloud

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clupper

Mr. & Mrs. Kraig Cox

Dr. & Mrs. Jim Craig

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Crawford

Mrs. Bruce Creek

Dr. Megan Crittendon

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Croner

Mr. Bryan L. Crostreet

Mr. & Mrs. David Cupp

Mr. James Day

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Day

Mr. & Mrs. Tim DeHaan

Mr. & Mrs. David DeHaven

Mr. & Mrs. Dustin DeNeal

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Dull

Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Duncan

Mr. Patrick Early

Eli Lilly & Company Foundation, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Ellison

Mr. & Mrs. Ron Evans

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Felton

Ms. Elisabeth Fischer

Mr. Michael Fritton

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Gaafar

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Gallagher

Mr. & Mrs. Dylan Gandy

Mr. & Mrs. Anton George

Mr. & Mrs. Tim George

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gilbert

Mr. & Mrs. Brad Gilchrist

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Gooding

Mr. & Mrs. David Gruesser

Mr. & Mrs. Rich Guard

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Halderman

Mr. & Mrs. Kris Hall

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Harris

Mrs. Barbara Harris

Ms. Karen Hernandez

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Hessel

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Ho

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Howerton

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hubble

Mr. Kurt Hudson

Mr. & Mrs. David Hurd

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Huskins

Innovative Therapy Solutions

Mr. Richard Isenhower

Mrs. Doris Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Ed Janeczek

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Johnson

Mrs. Mary Johnson

Johns, Grossnickle & Associates

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Jones

Ethan R Kanzler

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kanzler

Mr. & Mrs. Don Keehner

Dr. Michael Kellams

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Kellar

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Klein

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Klingerman

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kowal

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Krueger

KSM Business Services, Inc.

Abigail Riley Langford

Abigail Faith Lee

Mr. & Mrs. James Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Leonard

Tenille Marowelli

Mr. Harry McClintic

Mr. R.J. McConnell

Mr. Tom McCormick

Mr. & Mrs. Jack McKinney

Mr. Fred Means

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mears

Dr. & Dr. Bradley Meyer

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Milby

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Morgan

Moyer Fine Jewelers

National Christian Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Neura

Dr. & Mrs. Olajide Odelowo

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Olsen

One View Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Ott

Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton Owen

Mr. & Mrs. Tony Pancake

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pantzer

Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Perry

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Pitts

Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Pratt

Premier Benefits, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. William Procter

Dr. & Mrs. Neil Propst

Mr. & Mrs. A. Russell Quilhot

Mr. & Mrs. John Quilhot

Dr. & Mrs. Lars Rascoe

Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Reed

Mrs. Chelsea Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Remender

Ms. Janice E. Rice

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Roberts

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Robinson

Mr. & Mrs. Alex Roell

Mr. & Mrs.Bradley Rust

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Sanders

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sawyer

Ms. Carol Lynn Schmidt

Mr. & Mrs. David Sexauer

Mr. & Mrs. Derek Small

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Smith

Dr. Rie Somlai

Mrs. Jeanne Starkey

Mr. & Mrs. J.K. Stevens

Mr. & Mrs. Adam Stevenson

Ms. Tamela J. Stewart

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Sweet

Laura Thomas

Mr. & Mrs. David Tinkey

Traders Point Christian Church

Mr. Duane Tripp

Mr. & Mrs. Neil Troyer

Mrs. Hannah Tuttle

Mr. & Mrs. James Ulm

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Upchurch

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Verh

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Veselsky

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Walker

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Ward

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Wiedow

Mrs. Kristin Wilcoxen

Dr. & Mrs. Jonathan Wilhite

Mr. & Mrs. Max Williams

Dr. & Dr. Christopher Wilson

Mr. Nicholas Wolf

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Woodcock

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Worl

Dr. Merv Yoder

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Yu