Willemstad Times

By:Juan Ruiz

Interview with Phillip Enright

WT: Why do you think the Germans torpedoed the S.S. Hato?
Phillip: Well, we might've been trespassing into their territory or they could've thought we were a destroyer in disguise.

WT: How did you go blind?
Phillip: I went blind when I was in the water and got hit in the head with some wood which damaged some nerves.

WT: Why did you hate Timothy at first?
Phillip: I was ignorant and racist at first because my mother taught me that black people were different than white people. But after we arrived on the Devil's Mouth, I realized that all of us are the same no matter what color we are.

WT: Speaking of the island, how did you arrive on it?
Phillip: We arrived on the island two days after I went blind after Timothy spotted it.

WT: I heard there was a third survivor on the raft . . . who was that?
Phillip: Do you count a cat as a survivor because I do. His name is Stew Cat and he'd been with Timothy ever since the Hato was sunk.

WT: How did Timothy die?
Phillip:..........Well Timothy died on the island because the hurricane or storm killed him.

WT:Was it tough being alone on the Island with blindness and just a cat?
Phillip:Yes it was but before Timothy died,he thought me how do survive alone even if blind.

WT:How did you get that bite mark on your arm?
Phillip: While I was hunting for Langosta a moray eel attacked me but luckily I made it out before my blood attracted the sharks.

WT:How did you get rescued?
Phillip:I got a signal fire with some palm frond that had left over oil from the storm,and then a U.S destroyer saved me the day after.

WT: If you had the opportunity to go back to the Cay where Timothy is buried what would you say?
Phillip:Ill say "Dis b'dat outrageous cay, eh Timothy?'

Timothy's Obituray

Timothy of Charllotte Amalie (1875-1943

Timothy of Charlotte Amalie joined our God's heaven in July,28,1943. He was a orphan but founded by Hanah Gumbs. He was fisher man when he was young and he loved it. At the time he loved going to the carnivals where he would wear seaweed on his hips and on his feet. He died from a storm on a island with the young Phillip Enright who was blind. He took the storms punishment and sacrificed his life for Phillip.


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