Washington, D.C

We will go to Washington, D.C

* Why you want to go there?

First, Washington D.C is the capital of the U.S.A, so there are many places that we can see the sight. Second, we watched a movie that Night At The Museum. We have never seen that big museum. The museum is American Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C, so we thought we want to go there. That is why we will go Washington, D.C.

* What you will do?

We will go to American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Memorial, White House!! We will take picture that we will go and we will visit famous restaurants in Washington, D.C!!

Washington Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Orlando, Florida

We will go to Orlando, Florida.

*Why you want to go there?

Orlando is perfect amusement park. There are many places that we can play, especially amusement park!!!! We think Orlando is perfect place where we really enjoy. So we really want to go there!

*What you will do?

We will go to Disney World, Universal Studio and Sea World Theme Park!! We don't take a rest and we will ride all of the rides. Sometimes we will see the sights and take a picture. But we think we will spend almost all the time on riding the rides.

Orlando, Florida Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions

Los Angelse, California

We will go to Los Angelse, California.

* Why you want to go there?

We watched TV show that one child actress went to L.A. She went to many place in L.A.

It was very interesting place where she went. So we thought we will go there.

* What you will do?

We will walk to Hollywood Walk of Fame. We will go to Grauman's Chinese Theater and we will find our favorite actor's hand & foot print. Also, We will go to Hollywood Wax Museum. and we take a picture with famouse star.

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