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Compressed-air cylinders

Double-acting cylinders of metallic hard seal air actuated butterfly valve apply pneumatic actuators pressure to both sides of the piston alternately for back-and-forth actuation in such devices as reciprocating pumps, reciprocating saws or presses, or part insert/remove mechanisms. They perform work in both directions of movement. These cylinders do not require a return spring unless a specific rest position is required whenever the device is not powered.


pneumatic actuators cylinders employ a smooth-bore cylinder with a piston affixed to a piston rod, with several seals between the piston and cylinder. They most often consist of metal components, although many composites are used for special applications. They are available with a variety of end fittings and pneumatic piping and tubing connections.


Compressed-air cylinders are used in a number of automotive and building applications of Globe Valve , including jacks and hoists, doors, gates and hatch motors. By far, the greatest use is in the industrial realm, where pneumatic cylinders are used as pneumatic actuators for valves, lift gates, hoists and machines.

Passive Applications

Some pneumatic cylinder applications do not require external power. They simply act as dynamic dampers or shock absorbers. The most common example is the door-closer cylinder on a storm door that keeps the door from opening or closing too sharply, while providing a spring that gently closes the door.

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