The Scotland Times


King Duncan is Dead!

In an unexpected death of King Duncan, the guards of the kingdom have been accused of murder. They were found bearing bloody daggers and had blood all over them. King Duncan's sons have fled the kingdom after they heard the news of their father's death. Suspicion has also been placed on them for leaving so quickly after the murder. Who killed the King? The guards, his sons, or perhaps someone else? The mystery of the murder may never be discovered.

MacDuff Seeks Revenge!

After the murder of MacDuff's wife and son, MacDuff says he is infuriated and he seeks revenge. He is willing to do anything to find and kill the murderer. MacDuff says that he does not know for sure who did it but he does have suspicions. MacDuff is brokenhearted that his family that he loved so much is now dead and his son will not be able to carry on the family name. MacDuff will avenge his wife and son's life and will not stop until he does.
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