Young Rich Nation

Alabama,Rich city


This city was found by people who made it from the bottom and they are at the top and not going down.


our economy is market because we choose what to sell made out with demand and supply system.


our goverment is based on aristocracy is ruled by wealthy people.


we speak money English hard to learn not for everybody.


12,000 not alot people can keep up with the lifestyles.

National Anthem

Young Rich Nation- Migos

Claim to Fame

made it out the city were there was struggle no money and had to make some way of getting out and doing own nation.

National Animal

Tiger because its used to refer to someone fierce, determined, or ambitious.
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trading partners

we trade with jamaica,puerto rico any another country who wants to move up in the world.


we trade cars, gas, shoes, and other materials.

Membership in the U.N

we are still thinking about it have not decide yet.

10 laws

1.Have money in the bank.

2.No bankruptcy

3.Drive foreign cars

4.know how to read

5.No snitching

6.speed limit 85 mph

7. Don't be greedy

8. No narcotics

9. Have fun i

10. stuck up

3 current events

1.The designer clothes are getting made fake and cheaper so they don't know what's real and whats not.

2.New cars are getting made and its hard to keep up with them.

3.applications are getting denied because not every can be a YRP.