Stop Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is physiological and its when somebody harasses, constantly insults, or bullies somebody over the internet or social media.

Examples of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be somebody sending mean messages or emails, leaking out embarrassing pictures, or spreading rumors on social media.

The differences between cyberbullying and bullying

1.) Cyberbullying can happen at anytime, day or night.

2.) Deleting harassing messages, texts, or emails can be very hard to do after being sent or posted online.

3.) Things can be posted anonymously and its hard to trace is back to an exact source.

Effects or Cyberbullying

1.) Use of alcohol and drugs

2.) Experience in-person bullying as well

3.) Have lower self-esteem

4.) Health issues can occur

5.) Skip school

Prevention and awareness

There are lots of things that adults can do to prevent and be aware of cyberbullying:

1.) Know the sites that kids visit

2.) Know the passwords to accounts

3.) Encourage kids to tell an adult

4.) Have a sense of what they say and do online

5.) Ask a trusted adult or somebody else to follow their social media page as well.

Establishing Rules

Having rules set can also be a great way to prevent bullying. Don't give out personal information. It its not a trusted site, then don't get on it either. Also, don't talk to strangers or accept their friend request if you don't know them.

Reporting a Cyberbully

There is no shame in telling an adult that you having trouble online with a cyberbully.

Block the person sending you messages or texts. Keeping evidence always good, like printing or screen shots. There are different ways to report bullying. You can report them to a an online serves, law enforcement, or even at your school.

Reporting to your Online Service Provider

When reporting online, go over the rights and conditions of the website that you are reporting to. they should be able to teach you how to block users and use your settings to control who can contact or view your profile. Also report the cyberbullying to the social media site that you are on so that they can take action and help as well.

Report to your local Law Enforement

When cyberbullying involves certain things, it can be considered a crime. This includes: Threats of violence, sexual harassment, taking videos or photos without somebody's knowledge, or even stalking and hate crimes. This is why its good to have screen shots and print outs of the messages and texts, so that the police can have evidence.

Report to your School

Cyberbullying usually involves to students that go to the same school. It can make a distracted environment for learning. The school can also help prevent confrontation. If students are being bullied off campus it can still be reported to the school if it is causes school to be a hostile learning environment.