Beauty of Humans

Accept yourself for who you are.

What is Beauty?

For me, beauty is when people accept everyone no matter who they may be. People who are caring, and loving for everyone is truly beautiful. They don't take advantage of people, and put others before themselves.

How can Jesus reach people through others?

Jesus can reach others through us by us acting with good intent, and helping people who are in need. We can act with good intent and be sensitive to others so that you can help them when they need it.

What about me is beautiful?

I try to help people when they need it, I can sometimes relate to them through experience. I respect others wishes if I fell like they have good intent with their actions, if their actions will affect anyone negatively, I try to "fix" those actions so that no one will be affected negatively.

How might I grow and change in the future into the person god wants me to be?

I can grow to be that person by being open to everyone and understanding which is the right time to help or not. I can be more courageous and stand up to what I believe is right. I can be patient with people and forgive them if they did something wrong.