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Free Trial from GALE: Science in Context

We have until next Thursday (3/3/16) to try GALE's Science in Context for free. This is a library database we are considering to add at our school. Could you look it over at your convenience and let me know if this is something you love and would use with your students? Thank you.

About Science in Context

"Science In Context curriculum portals that support research and instruction by providing an instructional pathway to content that supports CCLS. The In Context portals were designed to integrate digital authoritative content including: informational text, primary sources, podcasts and newspaper and magazine content into coursework.

Gale Cengage Learning sits on the Board of P21. We have an unprecedented focus on understanding student and teacher needs, especially as they relate to developing 21st Century Skills, we are working to make digital resources more relevant and an essential part of curricula".

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Executive Education Sales Consultant

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