Serving a Meal

By:Abby Lohman

Meal Service

Their are 2 types of meal service,one of them is called Family style and the second one is called Plate service.Normally,the family service is normally with your family,it is when you guys have dishes on the table and pass it around.THe next meal is called plate service.When you use plate service you are already served and have food in your plate.

setting the table

when you set the table you put the larger plate in the middle with your main course.Your knife and spoon go to the right of the larger plate,on the left you put 2 forks. Your smaller plate goes above the larger plate for salad.Next o the knife and the spoon is the saucer.Above the saucer is 2 cups one with water and the other an optional drink.

clearing the table

when you clear the table you would want to stand kinda aside the person.Make sure you dont stack dishes.Wait for the person to be done eating before you pick up their plates.

Safetey rules

Their are millions of safety rules for cooking,but im only going to share a of them is to pull your hair back into ponytail when cooking.Another safetey rule isto wash your hands before you cook.One more cooking safety is to tilt the lid away from your face.

Sanitation rules

I hope you all wash your hands before you cook,because thats the sanitary ways to go.Another rule you should follow is when you make a mess in the kitchen, clean it up IMMEDIATLEY.I hope you all follow those rules.