Gatling Gun

Its just repeating...

All About the Gatling

Richard Jordan Gatling was the inventor of the first repeating gun,also known as the Gatling Gun. The Gatling gun was invented in 1862 and was patented November 4, 1862 and was first used in the Civil War. It was invented because he wanted to reduce the amount of deaths in the war.

How does this work and work for us?

The gun works by a hand crank that revolves 6 barrels around a central shaft or some can vary up to 10 barrels. The ammunition has black powder is put into a steel cylinder with a percussion cap.

The invention benefits during that time because it reduced the amounts of of deaths during the war. It has benefited now because we have been able to attach them on to air force planes and we can fire at the enemy. The Gatling gun has evolved because we have made them bigger and better and we have built our planes around the gun.


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