Catherine Helen Spence


Born and Died

Catherine was born on the 31st of October 1825 Melrose,Scotland and died in Queen Street,Norwood 3 April 1910.

Life story

*Catherine was educated in Edinburgh.

*She came to Australia with her family and lived with her parents.

*Her father and mother died in 1846, whom she supported.

*She took up journalism and wrote under her brothers name for argus in Melbourne.

*Also she joined the fight for female suffrage.

What made her stand out

*In South Australia she was the first state in the world to give women the right to standup for parliament.

*The first woman to be placed in an official position by a official government.

* She is on the 5 dollar note.

*She is Australias first historian and writer, she also was Australias first truly proffessional woman journalist.

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Understanding Of Democracy

A liberal democracy is organised in a way to define and limit power so as to promote legitimate government within a frame work of justice and freedom.