Careers in Science

Name of Career

Branch of Science

Tell us which branch of science this career belongs under (Earth, Life, or Physical) and explain why you think it belongs there.

Education Path

Tell us what type of degree you would need to start this career. Write a brief summary about this major in your own words. Include classes you could take in high school that would be helpful for getting into that program. Also list a few of the classes you would take in college to complete this program. If you find anything interesting about this program, be sure to list it!

Training School & College (Write your school name here)

In this section explain why you chose the college you did for this specific career. Tell us where the school is located and what the setting of the school is (rural, urban,etc.) Is it a private or public school? A University or a Tech school? Is it a 4 year college or 2 year college? What is the student to faculty ratio at this school? Tell us about the class sizes. Maybe these are all reasons why you chose this school!!


What is the average GPA needed for getting into this school? What is the average ACT score? SAT score?

About The Job

Write a summary of the work description. Include the working conditions and work places.

What Factors Affect Employment for This Job?

How easy will it be to find a job of this career in WI vs National? (Is it a common job in WI?)


What is the Wisconsin Salary Range vs the National Salary Range

Employer (Insert Employer Name Here)

In this section, find a business in Northeast Wisconsin under this career and include the location of this job.


Is this a career you could see yourself doing some day? What would be the pros and cons of this career personally for you?


List the resources you used