U.S. Canada relationship

Drew Cooper 4th period

political relationship

The U.S. political relationship is good, both are in NATO which helps strengthen there political relationship but there have also been many strains that have occurred over wars and different bills. They have a very open border policy with each other because over 300k people cross the border every day. There have been strains on there relationship in the way of the Vietnam war and the war in the middle east with Canada not joining the fight or not providing the support that america demanded. Another more recent event was the keystone oil pipeline that would pipe oil from the Alberta oil sands to U.S. market with Obama delaying the signing of the bill for the pipeline to be built and this delay has frustrated Canada prime minister Stephen Harper who will not take no for an answer.
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Economic relationship

.The U.S. and Canada have the largest and most comprehensive trade relationship in the world.Canada and U.S. trade had a total of 707 billion in 2012. Canada is the U.S. largest goods trading partner with a total of 632 billion dollars in goods traded between the two in 2013 with exports being worth 300 billion and imports worth 332 billion. There private trade which is much smaller still was a total of 91 billion in 2013. exports were worth 61 billion while imports were only 30 billion.
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Social Relationship

Canada and the U.S. have many cultural similarities which is strengthen by both country's main language is English.Both country's main religions are Christianity, which is do to the fact that the country's have been ruled by similar country's in the past (UK,France). In the pop cultures of both country's have parody the country's cultural likeness and differences.
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