Schimelpfenig 6th Grade Science

Coach Deaton~Coach Meger

Picture Day

October 7, 2015 is Schimelpfenig Individual Picture Day. Pictures are available for purchase. Each student was given a picture day packet last week. Get your smile on Schimelpfenig!!

Instructional Activities for the week

This week we are focusing on the Scientific Method. Student are working through the process of experimental design. Students are identifying experimental variables, constants, hypothesis and data collection.

The activities we are working on will help students be successful should they choose to participate in the science fair. (more information coming later)

Major Assignments Bulletin

Scientific Method Quiz October 9

In a Nutshell

We are off to a great start in six grade science! The students have shown great enthusiasm for science and are learning the importance of Quality Work!

Each student has an Interactive Science Notebook that each uses to manage classwork.