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As of February 1st, all Friends classes will have completed 4 classes. This week will be Week #5. By the sixth week of classes, your class instructor will prepare a short progress report detailing your child's progress in the class thus far. Contact Julie Baskinger ( for more information.

SATURDAY CLASS: The March 12th class has been reschedule for 4pm on March 11th. Please make a note of this in your calendars!

The Benefits of Group Piano Instruction

We encourage you to read this terrific article on the benefits of group piano instruction. Here is just one highlight

Groups have a wonderful built-in motivation because of the peer interaction and the weekly opportunities to perform. Classes are also an efficient and fun way to teach fundamental skills like rhythm, ear training and technique. The increased contact time is also a great help. Groups develop independent learners more predictably and consistently than private lessons alone.
Group teaching is rooted in the idea of creating independent learners. Class teachers can't assist every student with each new step we take. Groups require students to have a level of independence in order to function within a class and that independence is carried home.