Rachel Renee Russel

Antonia Cherry


Rachel wrote her first book of Dork Diaries and Nikki Maxwell played a big part in the book. In since that time she has written a total of 9 books and got over 15 million sold. The Dork Diaries book was translated in 32 different languages. The Author Rachel grew up in Saint Joseph, Michigan and it was a small city located near lake Michigan. Rachel has 2 younger sisters and 2 younger twin brothers. Rachel has kids 2 daughters named Erin, and Nikki although Nikki Maxwell is named after her younger daughter, Nikki,. Nikki personality is just like her's because they have stuff in common. Rachel is an attorney but also writes books so she mainly has 2 things she enjoys.

Dork Diaries tales from a NOT- SO- Graceful Ice Princess

In the 4th book of the dork diaries Nikki Maxwell was going to go ice skating, but Mackenzie showed up and tried to ice skate to. Nikki Maxwell and Mackenzie was in a competition to see who was the better ice skater. Then Mackenzie tried to still Nikki victory because she won the ice skate. That's the summary of the 4th book.
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Dork Diaries tales from a NOT-SO- Glam TV Star

Can you imagine going to a school with a girl that you don't like. Well, there is a girl named Nikki Maxwell and she goes to a school with a girl she don't like. Her name is Mackenzie and Mackenzie does not like Nikki. Nikki is trying to get a acting part and Mackenzie is to. Mackenzie is trying to steal Nikki Maxwell part. But Nikki got the part at the end of the day and Mackenzie didn't. So do you think Nikki and Mackenzie will ever be friends?
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There is 10 dork diaries books and the series here is the first 5:

1 Dork Diaries tales from a not so FABULOUS Life

2 Dork Diaries tales from a not so popular party girl

3 Dork Diaries tales from a not so talented pop star

4 Dork Diaries tales from a not so graceful ice princess

5 Dork Diaries tales from a not so smart miss know it all

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