Deaf-Blindness Around the World

Katie Simon & Emily Olsen

How many organizations help Deaf-blind people around the world?

There are hundreds of organizations for Deaf-blind people around the world, in Europe, Africa, Australia, and more. Europe has over 12 countries that have one or more organizations dedicated to helping the Deaf-blind culture.

Tactile Signing around the world?

Many countries use tactile signing for Deaf-blind people just in their own native sign language. Some countries, like England, have developed different ways to fingerspell when using tactile signing.
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Another form of communication for Deaf-blind people across the world is a hand touch alphabet called Lorm, named after its creator Hieronymus Lorm.
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How many Deaf-blind people are in the world?

There are millions of Deaf-blind people in the world, with nearly 394,000 in United Kingdom alone!