Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of March 12, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • Parent Involvement Event on Saturday, March 2 at UHS
  • TELPAS Computer Training for students ALL WEEK
  • Mr. A from Region 12 Visiting on Tuesday, March 13
  • Kinder meets with Mr A on Tuesday, March 13 at 8:10-10:10 (Aides covering classes; will not be helping with 4th gr. interventions)
  • House Parties on Wednesday, March 14
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, March 14
  • Middle of Year LPACS (Gr 3-5) on Thursday, March 15 during Conference
  • Reading PLCS on Friday, March 16
  • Mayborn Discovery Box on Friday, March 16

Interventions & Tutoring

Next week is MATH for after-school tutoring. Your materials were placed in your mailbox.

**5th Grade needs to send students with their mock STAAR math test to tutoring**

Next week is READING for intervention times during the school day. We will be back to our regular schedule.

From Your Captain

We made it to Spring Break! Thank you for all your hard work. I appreciate everyone ready to lend a helping hand for tutoring.

Remember that it's "all hands on deck" when we return from Spring Break. Make sure you are maximizing the instructional time you have every day, but don't forget the importance of keeping student-teacher relationships strong; it's okay to spend a few minutes each day on morning meetings to get the day started right.

Practice GRACE and focus on PRACTICE WITHOUT PENALTY. We all make mistakes, and parents are sending their very best. We are all working our hardest to make sure students are successful.

Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: We will be keep the school safe by keeping our hands to ourselves.

Please stress the importance of this as we are having quite a few physical altercations of late.

We have been doing a great job lately of reinforcing "Our job it to keep the school safe." THANK YOU!

Please email Mrs. Helton if you would like her to lead a morning meeting or speak to your class about our school commitments.

House Party Schedule

Schedule for Wednesday, March 14 (Meet in Cafeteria):




2:05 UT

Wear your house shirt and encourage students to do the same!

This is the kick-off for STAAR "Training Camp" and we want to rally the younger grades behind their older teammates. Bring on the SPIRIT!!

The 3 C's

Remember the C's for student success: connected, capable, and confident. As we kick-off STAAR "Training Camp" remember the power of "Yet." Students may not be ready...yet.

Here is a great video you can share with your students about the power of yet.

Big Ideas for the classroom Growth Mindset - Episode 3

March Makerspace

For the month of March, we will be reading "Randy Rile's Really Big Hit" about a boy that saves the world with baseball and robots.

PK-2 students will use random objects to create a robot. They will draw a picture of their robot and label the 2D and 3D shapes found on their robot.

Students in gr 3-5 will also create a robot. They will then use grid paper and a ruler to draw a picture of their robot and calculate the perimeter and volume of their robot.

Email Mrs. Helton if you would like to check out the Makerspace Cart this month!

Super 7

Please review the district expectations for Super 7 for Posted Objective.
Big picture
Big picture