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Central Air Conditioning installation Lakeland FL

The Most Efficient Way to Cool Living Space

How the living space gets cooled down when the weather reaches high temperatures depends a great deal on location, days over eighty- degrees, and the size of the home. The right choice will have a direct impact on the time and money spent on Air Conditioning Repair Lakeland. A small apartment, for example, can typically be cooled efficiently with one or two window air conditioning units. That solution is not feasible for a split-level home, one story with several bedrooms and odd-shaped areas, or one with two stories.

Central Air Conditioning

The weather in Florida is hot and humid which demands heavy usage of air conditioning. A central air conditioning system for large and two-story homes makes sense because it will reduce the need for Air Conditioning repair Lakeland FL. Separate units in this situation will struggle to keep the whole space cool and require frequent repairs.

Central Air Conditioning installation Lakeland FL is typically done when a home or building is being constructed to allow enough space in the ceilings for the duct system that delivers the cold air throughout the space. A system may be installed at a later date if there is enough space for a duct system. There are also ductless air conditioning systems that may be used depending on how the home is laid out.

What to Know about Central Air

Many systems do not have independent controls for each room or zone of the space. This can be inconvenient if comfort levels differ among occupants. There may be one family member in a sweater while the others are feeling comfortable with the setting. Another factor is the cost and time needed for Air Conditioning Maintenance Lakeland FL.

The duct system will have to be professionally cleaned annually. A filter may be needed to keep bacteria and mold from accumulating in ducts. When a problem does occur, it can take longer to discover it due to the space involved in the cooling system. Participating in a maintenance plan is wise because the whole system will be inspected and cleaned annually. Any dents, loose connections among the duct system, or issues with the central air conditioning will be addressed before the hot and sticky weather arrives.


Seek out the recommendations of professionals at a company that has been in business for several years. They will know the Lakeland area, what has worked well in every living space, and the latest in energy efficient systems for comfort.