Sail into the Floridian Sun

What Will We Find On Our 5 Adventure?

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Day 1: The Catch in The Keys

First we will arrive in The Keys, in the morning. Next, you get your snorkeling gear on and jump into the warm Key Largo water. The reason for this is because you will find many beautiful things on the reef, which is one of the few reefs still living, and you will find John Pennekamp. John Pennekamp, is an amazing statue and was established in 1963. It was found under neath the bright blue water at the bottom of the reef. John Pennekamp is one of natures beauties, having many fish live there and have made it their home, but also, it is very historic. John Pennekamp him self was born in 1897. He moved to Florida's Key Largo when he was only 14 years old. He was a journalist, editor, and writer. He started writing for the Cincinnati Post, later he moved to Miami and that is really where he began his career. Later is when he moved to The Keys. Many people take their pictures with his statue, the reason for this is not only because it is such a beutiful reef, with beautiful colors and many fish, but because it actually is a state park. It actually was the first underwater state park! I bet you didn't know that. You later will be pretty tired, so you need to rest because there is a big 4 more days to come! So now you will have the boat drive you back to shore, and eat lunch at this amazing local restaurant! but there is an even better one in Miami, which will be tomorrow. So get some rest!

Day 2: Magnificent Miami

Today you will wake up at 9:30 a.m. and drive to Miami Bach, and to be exact South Beach! In South Beach you will have a fun time after you arrive there around 10:30 a.m. There is a lot to see in Miami, the people, the beaches, and of course, some celebrities! In South Beach, you will be in Lincoln Road and stay at the Fontainebleau. You will walk around and look in some stores, you can go to the beach, and if you see someone famous then take a picture and get there autograph, if you want to! You can do anything you want to do, as long as you are at News Café. A little note about this place is that it was the last place Versace eat before he was killed. Today is a fun day you can do what ever your heart desires. As long as you have fun! In Miami I am sure you will have a great day by meeting new people and seeing different things, just be careful that you don't get hit by a skate boarder or run over by supper models. Have fun but don't stay out too late you still need some energy for the next 3 days!

Day 3: Everlasting Everglades

Now you will drive to the everglades and the first thing you will do there is go on a air boat ride. While you're on the air boat you see many fish,plants,saw grass,alligators,snakes, and many other animals.After this air boat ride you will change into a jump suit and shoes that fit tightly to your feet, you do this so your shoes don't get lost in the quick sand while your walking through a swamp filled with mud, quick sand, and very tall saw grass. Make sure you're wearing a sweatshirt or long sleeves so your arms don't get cut by the saw grass. The quick sand can be waste deep and the saw grass can be above your head but don't worry you will still have fun. You have a big day ahead of you tomorrow so relax, and maybe get a pedicure to clean up the mud and quick sand from underneath your nails.
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Day 4: Museums in Mizner

Today is a very pact in day, but you don't have to wake up too early. You are going to Boca Raton! There are so many things in Boca Raton it's crazy! You will be staying at the Boca Resort. You will have brunch there, and then go to the beach to have some fun! Later, you will go to lunch. You can eat at the beach, or go to a restaurant, where ever you want to go is fine, but your best bet is Mizner! You will go to Mizner after lunch, and you can look around and go shopping and go to cool restaurants if you'd like! Don't get too tired though, because at 4:00 you are going to the Boca Museum of Art! You will see all kinds of artist, like M.C. Esher! Outside there are amazing sculptures and works of art that are so amazing. You will be getting an information filled tour about all the different pieces of art, and the history behind each creation of art, and you will get to see all of them! After you look at all these art works, you will go to iPic Theaters to watch a movie and eat dinner! the movie will start around 6:30 to 7:00 and end around 9:30 10:00. you will be very tired so go back to the hotel, get some ice cream at the famous Serendipity and go off to bed.

Dat 5: Yachting Capitol of the World

On the 5th day of your Florida adventure you will arrive in Fort Lauderdale and head straight for the international boat show which occurs every March and is the largest boat show in the world! You will meet up with some friends and spend some time with them on their yacht eating a nice lunch out on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. You also enjoy snorkeling and looking at the underwater reef. While your in the yachting capitol of the world you stop at the boat show and see a wide variety of boats such as, motor and sailing yachts, express cruising power boats, fishing boats, speed boats and every boat that you could imagine.