What's Happening in 4th Grade!

February 4, 2014

Language Arts

Students are settled in their new word study groups. As always, these groups are fluid and can be rearranged to accommodate students' needs. Students are also using their reading comprehension skills to respond to the books they are reading. Some are creating puzzles, asking questions, setting reading goals, making connections, interviewing family members, and commenting electronically.


Geometry will be assessed during math this week. We are learning that congruent shapes are the same size and shape, while similar shapes are the same shape but different sizes. Congruent shapes can be flipped, turned, and slid and still remain congruent. There are fancy geometric names for repositioning shapes: a flip is a reflection, a slide is a translation, and a turn is a rotation. We also practiced identifying parallel and perpendicular lines.


We are learning about weather forecasting! We now know what the symbols on weather maps mean. Students looked at different weather maps to see what statistics can be shown. Different maps displayed current temperature, wind gusts, wind chill, and cloud cover. Students observed weather patterns that occur in the various regions of the United States. We also checked out the weather around the world!

Important Dates:

February 12 - 9:05-10:05 - Jump Rope for Heart

February 12-13 - Leadership Club will be selling Friendship Grams to be delivered on Valentine's Day.

February 14 - Valentine's Day - We will open valentines at the end of the day. Class lists will be coming home soon!

February 17 - No School

Friendship Grams

Leadership Club will be selling Friendship Grams on February 12-13 during lunch time. A friendship gram is a note that you can purchase for a classmate, teacher, sibling, or friend. It even comes with a lollipop! Friendship grams will be delivered on February 14.


25 each

New this year: For an extra $1, you can add a chocolate bar for your friend.

Leadership Club will then use the money earned to purchase something for the school. Let's see what we can do this year!