Team Howlers Newsletter

Week of May 16- A Week

School News & Important Dates:

State Testing Dates:

  • SC PASS Social Studies Test: May 18 (Donnelly & Munn 8:30AM/Pauley & Lyle 12PM)
  • SC PASS Science Test: May 19 (Pauley/Lyle 8:30AM/Donnelly & Munn 12PM)

Important School Dates:

  • May 20 - 6th Grade Kickball Tournament
  • May 23 - Yearbook Distribution for students who have purchased yearbooks
  • May 24- 6th Grade Awards Day- 9-10:30 AM *Parents will be notified ahead of time if their child is receiving a special award from our team
  • May 25 - Last Day of School - 1/2 Day - Students dismissed at 11:45 AM

Team Howlers News:

Schedule Change for this Week:

  • Due to 7th grade testing this week, we will be on the 7th grade schedule on Monday and Tuesday this week.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday we will have an adjusted schedule based on which homeroom tests in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Here is a copy of the schedule:

PASS Testing Wednesday and Thursday:

  • We will be taking the SC PASS Social Studies test on Wednesday this week.
  • We will be taking the SC PASS Science test on Thursday this week.
  • Your child may want to bring a snack to eat after they have finished testing and we have returned to our rooms.
  • Students may read a book when they have finished testing.

Cell Phone Reminders:

With it getting close to the end, here are a few reminders about cell phone at school.

  • Please remind your students that they will not be allowed to have their cell phones during testing.
  • Cell phones will need to be off and locked in their lockers.
  • Also a friendly reminder that students should not use their cell phones during the day to text family or friends. If a student needs to get in touch with a parent about after school arrangements, he/she should see his/her teacher to ask to go to the office to use the phone.
  • The only time that students should use a cell phone during class is if a teacher has given them permission.

Upcoming Banks Trail Middle School Sports Camps:

  • Here is a link with all of the information about upcoming sports camps, costs, and how to register.

Upcoming Summer Math Camp Information:

  • There will be a Math Camp held at Springfield Middle School on either July 11-July 14 or July 25-July 28, from 9AM-12PM, and the cost is $100.
  • Click here for a flyer for more information:

Parent Portal Information:

Please make sure you check Parent Portal ( to see how your child is doing in his/her classes. If you should have a question about grades, please contact your child’s teacher directly.


Mr. Donnelly -

GT Math Website Address -

Regular (Grade Level) Math Website Address -

Regular Math: Student will turn in the Math Curse project on Monday. We will begin reading them today and finish on Tuesday. Students will have testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Due to the schedule, I will not see regular math classes on Wednesday or Thursday. Kickball tournament on Friday. Students will still go to related arts on Friday.

No Math Homework this week. Study for Social Studies and Science PASS.

GT Math: Student will turn in the Math Curse project on Monday. Students will have until the end of the period today to turn in their project. We will begin reading them on Tuesday and finish on Thursday. Students will have testing on Wednesday and Thursday. Kickball tournament on Friday. Students will still go to related arts on Friday.

No Math Homework this week. Study for Social Studies and Science PASS.


Ms. Lyle -

GT Science Website Address -

Grade Level Science Website Address -

This week in science we will finish reviewing for PASS testing which will take place for Science on Thursday, May 19.

Language Arts:

Mrs. Munn -

3rd & 4th Periods (GT) Website Address -

5th & 6th Periods (Grade Level) Website Address -

2016-17 Summer Reading List:

The students will be wrapping up their play projects that they began working on last week.

Grade Level Classes:

Students will need to have their plays completed by the end of class on Monday. They will perform their plays on Tuesday. Due to testing and the kickball tournament, I will not see grade level students Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday this week,

GT Classes: These will be due at the end of class on Tuesday. Students will perform these plays on Wednesday and Thursday of this week either before or after testing.




Upcoming Tests and Projects:


Monday, May 16 - Play Projects Due- Grade Level Classes

Tuesday, May 17 - Play Projects Due-GT Classes

Tuesday, May 17 - Grade Level Students perform plays

Wedneday, May 18 and Thursday, May 19 - GT Students Perform Plays

Social Studies:

Mr. Pauley -

GT Social Studies Website Address -

Grade Level Social Studies Website Address -

This Monday and Tuesday we will be reviewing one last time for Wednesday’s PASS. Following the PASS, the students will be reading about the history of the Olympics and observe some of the greatest Olympic moments in history. This will then culminate into a virtual Olympic challenge that will be done on computers next Monday. Thank you for everything - it has been an amazing year and I appreciate all your help this year! Have a great summer!