U.S. Skating for Gold

Short Track Speed Skating in Sochi

J.R. Celski

John Robert "J.R." Celski is an American short track speed skater and two-time medalist in the Winter Olympics

He was born on July 17, 1990 in Monterey, California where his father (Robert Celski) was serving in the U.S. Army. John has two older brothers, David and Chris; David serves as Captain in the U.S. Army, and Chris is a fashion executive at Nordstrom.

Article 1

Celski talks about his past injuries in other sports.

Article 2

Celski earns a silver medal at the 500-meter short skating track.

Article 3

Celski reveals music he listens to before a match.

Article 4

Celski came in fourth in 1,500 short track race.

Video 1

Celski sustained an injury during a meet.
J.R. Celski: The Injury

Video 2

Celski takes the lead at a Sochi track meet.