Hoover isn't Good

Ransom Allphin


  • The Farmers had to burn their crops in order to make the supply go down.
  • People didn't have any money because the economy crashed.
  • The unemployment rate was soaring.
  • Small businesses were failing left and right.
  • There wasn't being much done to stop the downward spiral.

Hoover's "Solutions"

  • He wanted Americans to stay optimistic.
  • He didn't want the government to give people handouts.
  • He wanted to help Americans help themselves.
  • He started the construction of the Hoover Dam to create jobs.
  • He believed in leaving the Charities to give handouts.
  • He asked for no more layoffs or cut wages.


Hoover did just about as much as he could. He wasn't doing a terrible job, but he wasn't doing a great one either. He made a few jobs and helped to stop unemployment from rising to quickly. Overall he wasn't as bad as people say and think he is but he definitely could be doing more. He needs to step up and do more for our country! His few so called solutions are not enough to climb us out of this depression. We need more help!