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It's Who We Are

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Weekly Update 12/2-12/06

Cavazos will be a B! We, Us, Ours, Together! It takes us ALL. It's Who We Are!

Mission: Progress for ALL

Goals: Literacy and 10 plus

Values: Positivity, Community, Growth

75% approaching, 30% meets, 15% masters

District Mission: We will prepare students for life by nurturing, developing, and inspiring every child every day.

This Week, 12/2-12/6


  • Welcome Back!


  • Cav Cab
  • Lock Down Drill 9:30 AM
  • Wrestling 5-6 PM
  • Joe Arrington Cancer Center is decorating the tree at Cavazos


  • Stop the Bleed make up training at Cavazos (for staff)
  • Piano/Orchestra Winter Concert at 5 PM
  • Mariachi Concert @ LHS at 6:30 PM

  • student Free Dress Day $3 (let the kids know)
  • Staff Free Dress Day (It is Like a Friday...Right?)
  • Girls Basketball @ CMS 5:30 (8th grade will play both 5:30 games)
  • Boys Basketball @ Hutch 5:30 (7th grade will play the second games)


  • Donut Club
  • Full Day onsite PD at Cavazos 8-4
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We have Canceled Winter Wonderland on December 9th to allow you more time with your family during this very busy month! We will be rescheduling a community event for February 11th. The Leadership Team has already started brainstorming some exciting ideas. Feel free to pass your thoughts along too.
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It isn't too late to share your thoughts on the "Let's Dream" Google form

This is one of the DREAMS suggested on the Let's Dream form. So here is the challenge: What do you want to do? I will be funding some of your ideas- get back to me ASAP!

Offer funds for supplies/ materials for creative classroom projects that would: 1- encourage reluctant readers to read by giving them a purpose for reading- hands on projects that require reading to make something or follow directions 2- reward kids/ classes for successful reading days in cav-time 3-help kids make connections with what they are learning to real life situations Funds could be applied for like a "donors choose grant" with a quick turn around and then projects cold be posted on twitter or some other social media.

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Put your thinking cap on...

We would like to know what students think.

When: Lunch, We will provide a pizza

Who: a few representatives from each grade level

What: Find out what they like, their ideas for improvements,

and lay the groundwork for student leadership

Please send us the names of students that you think will

speak their opinions, be able to think of positives and

suggestions, and would represent Cavazos well

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PBIS or SEL Tip of the Week!

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Classroom Tip of the Week!

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Cav Time Check In

So, your students are reading either a text with you, with a partner, or they're reading on their own. You might be concerned or finding that even though when you're conferring with them, they know what's going on in their books (not fake reading), and they seem to pretty much like it (there's a good chance it's a just-right book for them), they might be getting a little listless or must more easily distracted. This is super normal and would/does happen to any of us, even with a good thing, if we find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again. So, in an effort to minimize the possible fatigue, we recommend adding in some strategies to respond to what they're reading! See below for a couple of great ones & let Cayton know if you need some help or suggestions!

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Gimme 3... Is a New Feature meant to have you pause, reflect, and generate 3 ideas to the topic and share with someone.

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Taking "Elfies"! Where in building is Makuta, Rodriquez, and Ruvalcaba the Elf?

Our little elves are not confined to a shelf. But wherever one is found, take a photo with yourself. Then whisk away to a new spot to hide. The challenge starts again, at the turn of the tide. Of course there are rules to keep it all fair. For example your photos can't come in a pair. your photos must be sent to the gal that's in charge. This will serve as your entry to prizes at large. Drawings will be held at our Christmas lunch. 1. Take your pic with the hidden elf 2. Text the picture to 806-549-8928 3. Rehide the elf (Don't get caught! Kids are watching to report to their teachers too)

Happening Around Cavazos this Week!

Team Gravy Update!

Team Grey= 67 Points Team Navy= 44 Points

Don’t forget to sign up for participation on your team's bulletin board in the lounge if you brought chili or soup!

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