January Scholls Heights Knights

Parent/Guardian Newsletter

Sheila Thieme

Mrs. Krueger's Class organized and produced a school wide video titled "Be Nice" for the Beaverton School District Signal to Noise Contest. This amazing video has been dedicated to Mrs. Thieme. We are excited to share the video once it has been submitted on January 31st.

Mrs. Thieme was an amazing educator and person who had a great impact on all who had the privilege of knowing her. She will be greatly missed.

Reality of Early Release- Snow days

As parents, we always have the best intentions for our children. It is important to plan ahead in the event that we have to close school early due to snow. If your child's emergency closure plan says parent pick-up and you are stuck in traffic, do you have a back-up plan? We encourage you to work with neighbors and family friends that live close to school to be identified as emergency contacts. They will then be allowed to pick up your child from school on your behalf.

If your child is a bus rider during emergency closure, do they know what to do if you are not home yet? Do they have a key? Is there a trusted neighbor?

In emergency closure situations, it is very challenging on school staff when you call to change your plan. There is also the possibility that our phones will be having difficulty.

We have already printed current plans for teachers. If you make changes, please do so in ParentVUE and notify your child's teacher of the changes.

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Voice Your Opinion and Stay Informed on Boundary Information

Steven Sparks, who is leading the Middle School Attendance Boundary (MSBA) project for the Beaverton School District, came to our January PTO meeting and talked with us about the MSBA project. (Our PTO ran a live stream on their Scholls Heights PTO Facebook Page).

This is an important project because it is a comprehensive review of the middle school attendance boundaries. They have had a lot of public participation at MSBA advisory committee meetings from the northern part of the district. However, participation has been light from our community. The district needs more participation and opinions expressed from our community to our advisory committee.

As students in the north are moved south, it will have an impact on the middle schools in the southern part of the district. Therefore the project has the potential to change our middle school feeder patterns and we need to be informed and voice our opinions.

Please click on this link to find out more information and submit your comment.

Middle School Boundary Adjustments

PTO Family Dance

Come "Chill with your Snowmies" at the PTO Family Dance on January 24th from 6:00-7:30PM. Entrance is free but bring some money for the festive crafts, photo booths and food!

Toy Drive

Thank you very much for donating toys and helping us make a difference in our community!

Report Cards

Report Cards will be accessible on ParentVUE on Friday, January 31.

Recycled Robots Engineering Challenge

All students are invited to participate in our 3rd annual Recycled Robots Engineering Challenge at Scholls Heights. Participation is optional and the purpose is to be creative, inventive, collaborative, and to have fun! We encourage participants to use items like those found in the Maker Space that could be RECYCLED or old toy parts or household items that could be REUSED! Could be a great snow day activity! Robots will be displayed during Open House/Science Fair on February 27th in the library. Please see below for more details.

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3rd-5th Grade State Testing

Below is a screen shot from the first page of the link below. The link has Information about why we take the test and the opt out procedure. Third-Fifth grade students usually begin testing around spring vacation. Teachers will be communicating with parents as it gets closer.


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Mark Your Calendar

January 14- Dining for Dollar: Joe's Burgers

January 20- No School: Holiday

January 23- 5th Grade to BizTown

January 24- PTO Family Dance: "Chill with your Snowmies" 6-7:30PM

January 27- No School: Grading Day

January 29- Passport Testing

January 29- Hearing Screening K-2

January 31- Report Cards Accessible on ParentVUE

February 5- Global Play Day

February 5- PTO Meeting 6PM

February 11- Dining for Dollars: Pizzicato

February 14- Friendship Parties

February 17- No School: Holiday

February 18- No School: Teacher Professional Development

February 26- Passport Testing

February 27- Open House/Science Fair

Dining for Dollars- Joe's Burgers

Dinning for Dollars this month is at Joe's Burgers on January 14. Enjoy Joe's and support Scholls Heights PTO. 20% of the sales will go to out school!

Too Sick Too School

It's normal for children to get sick from time to time. But when should a parent keep a child home? Please visit the Washington County Health & Human Services Department School Exclusion webpage for guidance, rules and communicable disease facts.

Below are some guidelines to help you make the decision about when to keep your child home from school. The recommendations are based on the guidelines provided by the Communicable Disease Program of the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services. They were developed to help prevent the spread of potentially contagious disease.

  • Fever: With fever greater than 100.5° F; student may return when fever-free for 24 hours (WITHOUT use of fever-reducing medicine).
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea: Any unexplained vomiting episode. May return 24 hours after last episode. Diarrhea equals three or more unexplained episodes of watery or loose stools in 24 hours OR sudden onset of loose stools. May return 24 hours after last episode.
  • Cough: Serious, sustained coughing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing.
  • Rash: Any new rash accompanied by a fever. May return after rash goes away or clearance given by a health care provider.
  • Skin Lesions/Sores: Drainage from a sore that cannot be contained within a bandage OR sores are increasing in size OR new sores are developing day-to-day.
  • Other: Symptoms that prevent the student from active participation in usual school activities OR student is requiring more care than school can safely provide.

Home is the best place for a child who is ill. If your child is sick with a diagnosed communicable disease, please notify the school as soon as possible. This notification will greatly assist others who, due to medical reasons and/or treatments, have weakened immune systems and may require immediate and specialized care.

After School Activities List

Below is the link to approved flyers for After School Activities. There is also a flyer for a Club K Winter Camp at a different school location.