Racism among America

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Two towns of Jasper explanation

Two towns of Jasper is a documentary about a man names James Byrd jr. He was hitchhiking when three men, Shawn Berry, Lawrence Russell Brewer, and John King picked him up. They beat Byrd up then dragged him around chained to there pick up. He eventually died when his head was severing. Many people began to become mad. They 3 men where found and held in jail until they went to court. Brewer and king where sentenced to life. Berry is currently serving life in prison. King is still alive today and Brewer was killed in 2011.

James Brown saves Boston explanation

In James Brown saves Boston, it focuses on Martin Luther King jr, James Brown and The African Community. It takes about how everyone looked up to Martin Luther King jr. When he was assassinated, many African Americans began to destroy Boston. James Brown was another important leader because of his music. His concert was originally canceled because they knew that someone might want to kill James Brown too. James Brown wanted to play and didn't care if someone was going to try to kill him. The concert went on but so many people where to scared to go. The money they gained from the concert was so much lower than they where going to make if people didn't refund there ticket.When James Brown played his concert everyone stopped and watch the streets when completely. It was one of the best concerts James Brown played.


1. In james brown saves Boston, what was the group of African Americans categorized as- Community

2. What was the main problem in the 2 story- segregation

3. In the both stories , the two bonds between the same race is called what-race relation

4.in two towns of Jasper, When the men where found guilty, what effect did it give the African American community- healing effect

5. In two towns of Jasper, what boundary split the two communities apart-color lines very clearly drawn

essential question

Leaders play a role in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis because they have a big impact on communities. An example is in James Brown saves Boston, When Martin Luther king jr was assassinated, a crisis broke out. James Brown was the one who really stopped it by playing that concert in Boston. If it wasn't for James Brown Boston would have been destroyed. James Brown was considered a hero. In two towns of Jasper, the people of Jasper where shocked and outraged when James Byrd Jr was killed. All the people of jasper wanted justice. When the men all 3 men where found guilty this prevented a soon to be disaster and gave the African American community hope that racism would soon come to an end or decrease.
James Brown - Live at Boston Garden (1968)
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