What's Happening February 1 - 5

Raven Homeschool, Delta Junction

Important Dates

2nd Quarter Progress Reports due February 1

Reimbursements dated from July 2015 to December 2015 are due February 1.

February 15 - Last day to order under the Computer Purchase Program or the High School Computer Program and the last day to change students' ILPs.

Tuesday, February 2

Lots going on today!

12:30 - 2 pm Tea Party Planning and start making invitations

2 pm Raven Wide PAC Meeting with Principal Andrea Cottrell - This will be held by video conference with all the Raven Offices.

2 pm - 4 pm The Puffins (grades Pre-K through grade 2) will be meeting for an activity and games. Babysitters will be available so parents can attend the PAC Meeting.

Wednesday, February 3

1 pm - Meet to make invitations for the Girl's Only Tea Party

Heidi's Schedule

Heidi will be out of the Office on Monday, February 1 and Friday, February 5.

The Office will be closed from 8 - 10 on Wednesday for Staff work.

FYI - Teacher Inservice has been changed for this Spring. Instead of being out of twon for a week, Heidi will be participating in Professional Development training for a few hours each day, February 8, 9,10, 29; March 1 and 3. We do not have set times for the training on the 8th, 9th and 10th yet. By the end of this week, we should have more particulars as to when Heidi will be available during that time.

Healthy Futures Spring Challenge Begins February 1

Call the Office to sign up.
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