Physical Therapist

By: Avery Escajeda

Job Discription

Physical therapist help people who have had an accident like a heart attack, had a stroke, or lost a limb, or born with something that limits their movements.

Cool Fack

People who do this job change lives and make people really happy

The Benefits

Physical Therapist help many people to walk again, help with physical pain. They help people who have physical disabilities and teach them what to do to help them. They help people who have recently had surgery on a part of their body that enables them unable to walk.


  • High school diploma
  • Masters degree from an accredited physical therapy program
  • A states license


The Median Salary pay for physical therapist gets in: 82,390 $

Project Growth

The growth is much faster than average (21% or more) the job is in demand


Physical therapist work in hospitals, clinics, and private offices.