Walt Disney

By: Anna Kate Willis 3B

The Man behind the Mouse

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Walter Elias Disney was the co-founder of Disney

Roy O. Disney is the other founder and Walt's brother.

His Early Life

  • His father was Elias Disney, an Irish-Canadian, and his mother, Flora Call Disney, was German-American.

  • Born on December 5, 1901

  • Born in Chicago Illinois

  • When he was just 7 he started selling some of his drawing to his Neighbors

  • By 11 he was animating commercials for movie theaters.

  • By 18 he became a drafts man at a Kansas city Art studio

His start to fame

  • At 20 he moved to to work with his brother in a cartoon editing office called Laugh-O-Gram Studio
  • In 1908 he started his work on snow white it was the first full lingethed animated special.
  • He established Disney as we know on October 16, 1923 and called it The Walt Disney Company named after him
  • In 1928 The first sound Cartoon was created it was called Steamboat Willie
  • In 1940 he opened another studio called Walt Disney Productions witch brought out Pannocio Fantaia, Dumbo and Bambie
  • They used television Broadcast to spread the word about disney parks and many other things.

Some obstacles Walt faced

Walt faced numerous obstacles

  • He was put to work at just nine years old,
  • Had only an eighth-grade education
  • Almost no formal training in art,
  • Suffered multiple business setbacks.
  • The incredible thing is that he saw these not as failings but as the things that helped to make him the great visionary and businessman he became.

His Death

  • On Dec 15 1966 Walt Disney died from lung Cancer.
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His Legacy still Lives on

  • Today the are 2 Disney parks in the US
  • The first one being Disneyland witch opened on July 17, 1955.
  • The second one being Disney World opened October 1, 1971
  • In his lifetime Walt has managed to have founded or co-founded 18 organizations most of them carrying the Disney name.