All about Sweelink

By: Julia Ghassemi


When you come to Amsterdam you will stay at this hotel.

This hotel is called conservatorium hotel, there is a orchestra and they are Dutch they play in the conservatorium auditorium. This hotel is based on the orchestra.


We can take a walk one day in Deventer and see its wonderful building and the birthplace of Sweelinck.

The second thing that you can do while we are in Amsterdam is go to the conservatorium this is the music museum of Amsterdam way may even see a show!

The third thing we can do is go to a radio station here they play most of Sweelinck music, in fact here they enjoy Sweelinck that they have a anniversary of him!

The 4th thing we can do is go to old church square where Sweelinck is being celebrated this decade! This church even has something to do with him find out what!

The 5th thing we can while you are staying in Amsterdam is go to the Melkweg. Here they play all kinds of music from this century and back then.

The 6th and last thing we can do is go to the homes of some other popular composers that are also Dutch. Like Josquin, Ockenghem and Lassus which is in Belgium.

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