Causes of the World War 1

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2 politically different outlooks in the late 1890's

Isolationist felt the US should not get involved in world affairs.

This means these people who went by the name isolationist thought that the US shouldn't get involved in other things going on around the world.

Expansionists felt that the US needed to expand it's empire to create markets for new products being produced during the Industrial Revolution.

The interpretation of this is that expansionist felt like the country should expand their empire to make new markets for all the products that were being produced in the Industrial Revolution.

Which view won?

The expansionist view won.

What happened after the expansionist "won"?

The country had expanded from "sea to shining sea". to expand, we looked over towards the pacific side of the world where China and Japan. We had already been doing trading business with China and now we wanted to trade with Japan. Japan had usually kept itself in a "blockade" for years from the west side of the country.

How did they get Japan to be included?

The President, President McKinley sent over Commodore Matthew Perry. He went over to see if they would open two ports. Japan gave in and opened two ports out of fear.

The beginning

This marked the beginning of what is known as Imperialism. Imperialism is when all powerful nations try to control the weaker countries.

Seward's first claim

William H. Seward is the secretary of state. He was chosen by Abe Lincoln and he saw that the US was owning the Caribbean and Central America and the Pacific. He began with the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867 which was approved by Congress for 7.2 million. Seward signed the treaty with Russia. Most people in America made fun of him for purchasing what they would call an icebox because of the climate until oil and gold were found there. In 1912 Alaska officially became part of the US.

Looking for more

Seward then started looking for more territories. First, he thought the islands would be a good place because they could be a stop on the way to China for ships. He picked out and purchased two small islands but decided that something bigger to make the US be considered to have a strong hold there. Hawaii was calling his name because it has a chain of 8 large islands and 100 smaller islands. in 1790n we began to trade with them since more Americans and Europeans were settling on the island and also brought diseases just like the Native Americans.
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