March Recognition Newsletter

for Rachel Comstock's Jamberry Downline Team Members


We are so happy that these ladies joined our Jamberry team last month! It's so nice to have you with us on this journey!

Erika Lenhart, Sierra Seese, Lee Dugger, Amy Bisson, Kathy Martinez Ramirez, Christina Evans, Melissa Pace, Shana Reichenbach, Sara Engle, Ashley Caverly, Amanda Neidrauer, Amanda Cohen, Kristen Ketner.


Advanced Consultant - Teresa Blakely, Michelle Meeks, Lindsay Moran, Desiree Adams and Megan Gibbs

Senior Consultant - Holly Magdalin, Johanna Smith, Lauren Willis

Senior Lead Consultant - Laurie Buckland

First Fast Start - Desiree Adams, Michelle Meeks, Megan Gibbs and Lindsay Moran

Second Fast Start - Laurie Buckland

Third Fast Start - Laurie Buckland

Triple Fast Start Earner - Laurie Buckland


Even MORE Recognition!

Congratulations to the rest of those that had over $700 in sales and are part of CLUB ROCKSTAR! Rachel Comstock ($1,070), Julie Kaufhold ($1,054.50), Elizabeth Newton ($1,046.50), Ashley Mullen ($923.50) and Tina Kraipovich ($788). Way to rock the sales in March! Congratulations also go out to Kristin Coulson ($697), Johanna Smith ($649), Melissa Moore ($635.50), Carol Schmitt ($625), Erin Creech ($618), Robin Steele ($615), Megan Gibbs ($614), Sarah Blackwell ($611), Bryanne Lynn ($605), Tabitha Dodd ($604), Emilie Baublitz ($602), Tina Harris ($602), Theresa Davis ($555) and Jessica Sisson ($522) for having over $500 in sales and earning that extra 5% bonus!

Congratulations to Lauren Willis who was our Top Recruiter this month with 2 new team members and Tina Kraipovich who was our Top Team Builder with $15,185.75 in team sales!

Let's Make April Amazing!

You may have had an incredible March, or one you're happy to forget. No matter what March held for you - it's over!!! :-) It's time to move on and make April AMAZING!!! With the UK launch, Mother's Day sets, retiring Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps, NEW Disney Collection by Jamberry wraps coming, the amazing new catalog only 1 month old, and the Party Hard incentive...some incredible things could happen for your business this month! I'd encourage you to work really hard on the Party Hard Incentive...make 6 $150+ parties your goal! You'll receive the beautiful exclusive nail design when you close these 6 parties in April - PLUS over $900 in PRV! Did you think of it that way? That is fabulous sales for a month! Marketing Material Credit is earned, an extra 5% bonus, membership into Club Rockstar and some extra money in your pocket! Think outside the box this month when looking for sales and parties. One on one demos, fundraisers, themed parties, birthday parties, Celebration Box sales, catalog orders, online parties, bulk orders from your VIPs, mystery hostess parties, NAS sales, having girls over your house for a fun mani night - they all can bring you sales and the parties you need for this incentive! AND they can bring you new hostesses and team members! :-) I'm looking forward to seeing some rank advancements, high sales numbers and fast starts earned this month!

We are now over $970,000 in sales! THIS is the month we go over the ONE MILLION DOLLAR TEAM mark - I just know it! Thank you in advance for all the hard work you'll put into your business this month. No matter WHY you sell Jamberry, be it for the discount on the product, to get some for your family and friends, a little extra spending money here and there, a bill you pay for each month, savings for something particular, or to turn it into full time pay - you're all valuable to this team and I am so thankful for you.

Have a wonderful month of April and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out this month.

April Blessings,


Rachel Comstock, Jamberry Executive

I began my Jamberry Journey in February of 2014. When I started with Jamberry I had NO idea of the financial blessing this business would be to my family as well as all of the amazing women and new friends I would meet along the way. Even though I don't know each of you personally, please feel to reach out to me if you ever need anything. I am more than happy to help in whatever way I can!