CSA ~ September 24, 2020

Weekly Shares

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If you find you can't make it during the pick up time, please let us know and we can

arrange a Friday visit. If you are not feeling well, we can bring your share out to your

car to facilitate social distancing. Just give us a call at 330-549-9408.

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As we said last week, thank you for a great season!!! We appreciate you
being an important part of Goodness Grows. We couldn't do what we do without you guys!
We will miss putting together the shares and seeing you each week. We wish you a
wonderful fall and winter and hope to see you next spring. Feel free to stop by for a
visit and see what is happening at GG when it isn't CSA season.

In This Week's Share


3 Decorative Gourds

2 Acorn Squash

2 Spaghetti Squash


Microgreens (Spicy)

Brussels Sprouts


Bell Peppers

Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers




Assortment of Tomatoes


Perpur Peppers

Ground Cherries

Assortment of Mini Potatoes

Number of crops ready and amount of harvest of a given crop varies throughout the season. We will provide at least six items each week. If we have any issues, we'll supplement with produce from other local farms. Some weeks will include value added items, such as a special crop from another farm, Jungle Jam, Zucchini Bread, or Homemade Spaghetti Sauce.

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Recipes & Tips

Perpur Peppers

These cute and tiny little peppers were grown here at GG using plants we got from our friend Redefine the Vine. (Follow her on Facebook and check out her website using the link below!)

A Perpur pepper is a mild hot pepper, rating a 4,000 on the Scoville scale. On the website, it is described as a "decorative edible pepper, “bushy,” with colored or variegated leaves." Perpurs look beautiful growing in the garden but are also good to add to homemade salsas. They are a bit seedy, but that isn't noticeable when chopped up in a salsa.

Decorative Gourds

Welcome fall! It is always so exciting to see the gourds and pumpkins in markets and on porches. The only drawback is when your fall decorations start to rot before you are finished enjoying them. Check out the tip below to get the most life possible from these fall squashes.


These little greens always pack a punch of flavor. One of my favorite ways to enjoy them is on avocado toast, like in the recipe below. I also found a couple more great uses for them, including one that will also use some of the bounty of tomatoes.


"Luffa sponges don’t come from the ocean. And they’re not from manmade materials. Rough-textured exfoliators originate from luffa: dried fiber from the vegetable of the same name. Luffa, or loofah, is a vine-grown member of the pumpkin, squash, and gourd family. Centuries ago, the luffa plant was brought to this country by European settlers. They planned to domesticate it in the New World. Though a few varieties are edible, most were cultivated for their utilitarian value. Use it for bathing and scrubbing. Or, add it to autumnal baskets filled with seedpods, acorns, pinecones and the like." Source: Getting the Lowdown on Luffa

The link below gives easy to follow directions on how to get your luffa ready for use.


Did you know that parsley is a source of flavonoids, antioxidants, and vitamins? It isn't just a pretty decoration on the side of a plate anymore! It is a healthy ingredient that brightens up the flavor of so many dishes, like these two below.