Anecdotal Notes

By Genie Iovino

The Chromebook, A Teacher Tool Too!

Now that all of the teachers have a Chromebook for their use it is time to put them to work. You might use the Chromebook to get caught up with your email or to explore digital tools. Writing lesson plans and preparing class materials using Google Suite is another great use for your Chromebook. One of the many overlooked uses of a teacher's Chromebook is to use it to keep anecdotal notes on students. These notes can be a valuable tool when grading, IEP meetings, conferences and more.

The following video will walk you through one way to use Google Forms to keep track of your observations.

Anecdotal Notes GS Internship_Iovino

Google Add-ons

Google Sheets can be intimidating to the best computer users but Google continues to make it easier to use. Google has an "add-on" feature that provides users with additional tools to make using Google a little easier. One example is "Save as Doc" which will allow you to neatly convert your Google Sheet to a Google Doc. Doing this allows you to easily read your sheets especially when you have a lot of text. "EZ Query" is another great tool the will allow you to give each student their own page in your Google Sheet.

To access, search, and use Google Add-ons is easy. While in your Google Sheet go to the menu bar and select "Add-ons" from here you can get an add-on or manage your existing add-ons.

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I am an Elementary Educational Technology Specialist for Nut Swamp and Leonardo Elementary Schools.