The Buzz

Ms. Larrabee's 1st Grade Class!

The Buzz This Week (9/21 - 9/26)

Social/ Emotional: The past three weeks we have be diving deeper into the meanings of Keysor's four main school rules. This week our focus will be our fourth rule: take care of Keysor by cleaning and putting things away.

Writing: We are beginning a new writing unit this week, Small Moments. The kids will learn how to take everyday events of their lives and turn them into well structured writing pieces. We will read The Baby Sister by Tomie DePaola to help provide a model of how to write about one moment and add details to your piece.

Reading: In reading, we will begin to practice reading group rotations without coming to the teacher for small group instruction. The plan is to add small group instruction to the rotation in the middle of next week or the beginning of the following week. We'll also read It's Mine! by Leo Lionni and continue to make connections as we read. Each week, we'll also be reading a short passage paired with daily comprehension strategies.

Word work: This week our studies in vocabulary will be to the short o sound in words like: hop, cot, log, sob. Additionally, we are continuing with our sight word development with the words: went, some, not, what, into.

Science: We're well into our What is a Scientist? unit and we'll continue this week. This week we'll complete an investigation to learn about sorting objects by properties.

Math: We're beginning a new unit, Numbers to 120. In this unit, students will extend their use of counting sequences and understanding of tens and ones to numbers up to 120.

Last Week..

(9/14 - 9/18)

We earned not one, but TWO Pawfect Awards last week! One was in Art and the other was in PE. We are now up to 5 Pawfect ribbons! Way to go by all of our classroom friends! Please celebrate and talk about this great achievement with your little one. Together, our class has really been thinking about and practicing their Keysor Pride throughout their day.

Thank you to all who supported our "Greatest Pride on Earth" float that won 3rd Place for school floats this year at the Greentree Parade!

Conferences were finished up last week. I was able to receive 100% conference attendance with all of my families. Thank you for your continued support and sincere partnership in the education of your little one. It meant a lot to me to be able to meet with each and every one of my families and strengthen our relationships!

Thank you for your support in our school book fair. Mrs. Ems has reported that the book fair was a great success!

"Buzz Worthy" Things to Look Out For

  • The Bike Rodeo for our class is Wednesday, September 23rd. Please bring your child's bike and helmet to school on this day only.
  • The Fun Run is this Friday. Today your child came home with a walking field trip permission form. Please have this form returned to school by Friday in order for your child to participate in the Fun Run and other walking field trips.
  • Monday, September 28th is an early dismissal day.

  • Monday: Library
  • Tuesday: Art
  • Wednesday: Bike Rodeo
  • Thursday: Music
  • Friday: Wellness