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From the skate parks and footpaths of Australia’s Sunshine Coast, Ryan Williams has grown into one of the world’s greatest action sports athletes. With close to 10 million views on YouTube and a string of world firsts under his belt, he’s fast becoming the greatest scooter rider on the planet.

At the tender age of 15, Ryan was propelled to the status of sporting legend when he became the first scooter rider to have a fakie front flip captured on film. Two years later, he was invited to perform with Nitro Circus, and during his first show, he completed the world’s first scooter double front flip. Since joining the Nitro Circus Tour in 2011, Ryan has been shocking crowds around the world and completely changing the way people think about scooters with his ridiculous bag of tricks. Ryan’s incredible talent has allowed him to progress the sport and push the boundaries of what anyone ever thought possible on a scooter.

In March 2013, Ryan landed an incredible scooter world first, Silly Willy (full twisting 360 double front flip) propelling him to a status alongside the biggest names in action sports and amassing a huge number of fans along the way. Later that same year, he landed three scooter world firsts in one night in St. Petersburg. And, just recently, he landed the world first BMX triple front flip. (That’s right, we said BMX.) Today, Ryan continues to live out his the dream with Nitro Circus, permanently traveling the world as one of the show’s stars.

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