Human Popillomavirus


Name of Vaccine:

Cervarix and Gardasil (both are for female, males can only be given Gardasil)

Illness Prevented:

it helps prevent HPV (a Sexually Transmitted Disease) and the symptoms that come along with it

Age Given/ Circumstances Given:

it should be given to preteen girls and boys at the age of about 11 and 12. This way, the body has time to build up an immune response before one becomes sexually active. Everyone is recommended to get the vaccination, even if they are older than 12 and have never gotten it before.

Symptoms of Disease:

The symptoms are warts and the most commonly, cervical cancer.

Does this disease cause death?

HPV can lead to death because you can get cancer from the disease. Cancer can then cause death if left untreated. There is a handful of people that die each year if they do not get the vaccination. 6312 out of 314 billion dies in the United States in a year.

Possible Side Effects of Vaccination:

  • syncope (fainting)
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • headache
  • fever
  • urticaria (hives)

And most commonly

Injection site pain