WCSD Digital Citizenship Spotlight

August 2019

What is the Spotlight?

The spotlight is a newsletter and resource guide that will continue to provide a toolkit of resources related to the changing world of technology. The goal is to help share information with community, teachers and students so we can navigate the digital age and promote continuous learning and compassionate and joyful use of technology.

Back to School

The return to school and routines can be a welcome comfort for parents as the summer comes to a close. These routines help add structure and move students back into the school year and activities in the school community. They can also be a shock to student's as they transition back from summer and change from more relaxed bedtimes, vacations, and summer open schedules. The summer tends to have more opportunity to and time to also be on electronics as a form of entertainment and the shift to more structured time can be an adjustment. We hope the following articles give you some tips as you usher in a new year with your student(s) and family.