The False Prince

By. Jennifer A. Nielsen

Rising Action

Sage is an orphan who is a liar and a thief he sole a chuck of meat but he was triped and got beat up but Conner a noble saves him and pays for the meat but takes him away from the place he live in along with 3 other boys.


Conner kills one of the boys and takes the other 3 with him to his house and tells them his plan for them he will makes one if them the prince of the kingdom over the time of 2 weeks and tells them that the whole kings family is dead and one of them is going to be the new king of the land.

Falling Action

Conner makes the boys learn what they need to be the prince and picks Roden as the prince first but then he remembers something that the prince was famous for he could roll and coin on his kunkles really well and Sage could do it really well and so he took Sage but not Roden.


Conner takes Sage to the court to prove that he is Prince Jaron but what Conner dose not know is that Sage is the real prince and the court finds out that he is the real prince and Sage tells them that Conner is the one that killed the whole family and tired to kill him too.


The setting is in the old days like when kings and queens ruled the lands.


Prince Jaron is attack and his body was never found and Conner a noble wants to be a higher noble to do that he makes a plan to kill the kings family and the king. Conner kills the family but never know where Jaron's body is. Jaron was hinding where no one could find him. He made his own name Sage and make himself not do anything that prince Jaron would do. Conner picks Sage to be the king and finds out that Sage is the real Prince Jaron and Sage tells every one that Conner is the one that killed his family and almost killed him too. Conner is taken away and Sage is now the king of the kingdom.